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Cameron Corey is a local Atlanta dj that spins array of genres of music including dubstep, break beats, and house.  Intelligent and eclectic Cameron Corey is a man that puts a new spin to  genre mixing  on the turntables. Starting from the ground up and working from there. Cameron Corey spans a career of over 10 years in the underground electronic music scene. He can be found at many art shows parties around Atlanta and collaborating with other artists such as arch nemises. Cameron Corey is an artist on the turntables with a gifted ear for music. 




Cameron Corey the audio artist.  



Where are you from originally?



Born and Raised?

 Yes, I am downtown atlanta born grady baby.


What do you love about Atlanta?

The Atlanta art scene and the creative energy that is going around right now. Its pretty massive.  All the street art that has taken off right now and visual art, that of course brings audio art along with it. Theres a snowball effect of awesome creative energy going around in Atlanta. 


In three words describe your music?

cutting edge, varied, evolving


what inspired you to be a dj?

I got gifted a set of turntables when I was 17 and a bunch of my friends were djs and I went a bought a mixer and some records. Then I just fell really hard into it. Theres something about hearing a good beat or the layering of sound. I am tech dork. I like how, for instance, that sound wave is working and whats making that sound wave do that. 


Is Dj Cameron Corey the only name you go by?

I have done different projects over the years under the name of Uneasy Listening. that was really focused on some of the harder dub step that was coming out early on. But Dj Cameron Corey is what I keep falling back on.


What do you love about being a Dj?

the music is always evolving and changing, now that all the major labels have gotten a boast from electronic music world. Now more than ever its a great time to get your music out there. Its a pretty cool time to be a dj especially if your really into the whole archiving aspect of it, I just like to keep track of the music and keep it around and play it when I want. So now my collection is over a hundred thousand digital tracks. 





*** A special thanks to Cameron Corey for photography***

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